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2022 M&A Conference

International Cooperation Division
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Juhyeon Cho, Vice Minister of SMEs and Startups, attended "2022 M&A Conference", a grand event planned to promote M&A of Korean SMEs and venture companies, at the-K hotel on June 23, 2022.

The main events of the conference include IR presentations by SMEs and venture companies, one-on-one matched business meetings for M&A, and special M&A lectures.

The ministry also installed consultation booths, which have been requested by many businesses that are in need of M&A-related information, at the event to provide specialized advice regarding accounting, taxation, and law.

Vice Minister Cho announced his determination to increase the size of the Fund of Funds while improving relevant regulations so that the ministry could create a startup ecosystem that organically connects establishment, investment, growth, and revenue of enterprises.

Mr. Cho promised that the ministry would make its utmost efforts to vitalize M&A of SMEs and venture companies while communicating with relevant organizations to address any hurdle.

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