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Traditional Market

Better and Safer Shopping Environments

To Improve the environment of traditional markets, MSS helps them improve their parking facilities, repair deteriorated facilities, and install new shades and build entryways. It also provides shopping and delivery services to increase consumer convenience, and creates a safe traditional market by regularly conducting fire safety inspections and installing smoke detectors at all shops.

Markets that Appeal to Customers

MSS helps traditional markets rebuild themselves into vibrant shopping sites filled with spectacles, eateries, and attractive merchandise
by capitalizing on unique features of each market and tourism resources in the surrounding areas. It also develops “Youth Malls,” where young merchants revitalize the entire market environment and pursue various marketing efforts to ensure the re-visit of consumers. It also helps market vendors expand their revenues by issuing “Onnuri” vouchers, improve service quality, and enhance their competitiveness through merchant colleges and consultation services.