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Tech Innovations

Promotion of SME Tech Innovations

To help SMEs develop and commercialize new technologies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, MSS has built an R&D support system that provides assistance tailored to different stages of SMEs’ growth (from start-ups to middle-standing companies). It facilitates new product development by startups created by professors or researchers, or those with investments from venture capitalists or angel investors. It also provides R&D support for product localization and performance improvement. In addition, for companies with limited R&D capabilities, it provides opportunities for R&D cooperation among universities, research centers, and other businesses.

Protection from Technology Infringement

To ensure fair transactions where SMEs are paid fairly for the technologies they develop, MSS has reinforced sanctions against technology infringements.
It operates the “SME Technical Dispute Mediation/Arbitration Committee” to provide remedies for technology infringement at lower prices, and helps SMEs build their own capabilities for protection by lending technical materials, providing consulting services on technology protection, and helping them build security systems.