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  • Minister

    • Policy Advisor to the Minister

    • Spokesperson

      • Director for Public Relations
      • Media Cooperation Team
  • Vice

    • Bureau of SMEs-Smart Manufacturing Innovation Planning

      • Manufacturing Innovation Policy Division
      • Manufacturing Innovation Support Division
    • Director General for Audit and Inspection

      • Director for Audit and Inspection
    • Bureau of SME Ombudsman

    • Bureau of Regulation-Free Zone Planning

      • Planning Coordination Division
      • Regulation-Free Zone Division
    • General Affairs Division

    • Office of Planning and Coordination

      • Director General for Policy Planning

        • Planning and Finance Division
        • Organization and Management Division
        • Regulatory Reform and Legal Affairs Division
        • ICT Management Division
        • Emergency Planning Division
    • Office of SME Policy

      • Director General for
        SME Policy

        • Policy Coordination
        • Job Policy Division
        • Policy Evaluation Division
        • Statistics Analysis Division
        • Restart Policy Division
        • Future Industrial Strategy Team Division
      • Director General for
        Global Growth Policy

        • Global Growth Policy
        • Financial Division
        • Market Policy
        • International Cooperation Division
      • Director General for
        Regional Business Policy

        • Regional Business
          Innovation Policy Division
        • Regional Business
          Development Division
        • Regional Special Economic
          Zone Division
    • Office of Startup and Venture Innovation

      • Director General for
        Startup Promotion Policy

        • Startup Policy Division
        • Technical Startup Division
        • Youth Policy Division
        • Startup Promotion Division
        • Startup Ecosystem Division
      • Director General for
        Venture Innovation Policy

        • Venture Policy Division
        • Venture Investment
        • Investment Management
      • Director General
        for Technology
        Innovation Policy

        • Technology Policy Division
        • Technology Development
        • Technology Protection
        • Human Resource
          Development Division
    • Office of Micro-Enterprise Policy

      • Director General for
        Micro-Enterprise Policy

        • Micro-Enterprise
          Policy Division
        • Micro-Enterprise
          Assistance Division
        • Smart Micro-Enterprises
          Development Division
        • Local Business and Commercial
          District Division
        • Traditional Market
          Promotion Division
      • Director General for
        Shared Growth Policy

        • Shared Growth
          Policy Division
        • Shared Growth
          Support Division
        • Business Trade
          Improvement Division