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Promoting Business Growth

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups(MSS) is a government organization whose objective is to strengthen competitiveness and support innovation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Micro Enterprises (MEs).

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MSS's mission is to develop and implement government policies over the following three areas.

Promoting Business Growth

We recognize that growth of Enterprises is directly related to national economy's growth. Thus, MSS implements various policies aimed at promoting the growth of Enterprises at all stages of development - from start-ups to SMEs, from SMEs to global enterprises or Hidden Champions.

Fostering Business Start-ups

Technology and knowledge-based start-ups can bring innovation and energy to the entire business ecosystem. For this purpose, MSS strives to foster new ideas to turn into new businesses. Furthermore, MSS also creates a smooth business-funding cycle, which facilitates investment, collection and reinvestment.

Supporting Micro Enterprises

In order to strengthen competitiveness of micro enterprises which work as an important foundation of domestic economy, MSS takes policy measures that enable successful start-up, adoption of cooperation models, healthy growth, and successful turnaround.