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Venture Business

Funding Ecosystems for Ventures and Start-ups

MSS helps ventures and start-ups that have difficulties in securing funds from private sources by raising angel investment matching funds,
launching crowd funding programs and professional angel investor programs, and encouraging venture funds.
MSS has also opened the Korea New Exchange (KONEX) to help investors recover their investments, and built an M&A information network for SMEs and ventures.
Currently, it is working towards providing tax support to tech-innovation M&As. Other efforts to create a funding ecosystem that facilitates startup, growth, recovery, and re-investment include providing tax support to first-generation ventures and other companies that reinvest funds recovered by selling off their controlling stakes into ventures and start-ups; and raising the Youth Start-up Fund with successful venture companies.

Growth Support and Foundation Building for Venture Companies

MSS helps venture companies grow into middle-standing or large companies by helping them secure talented human resources and by expanding their businesses overseas through global marketing. It carries out the “Survey of Korea Venture Firms” every year to see where difficulties occur, and provides support for successful start-up activities by matching leading ventures with young start-ups for cooperative businesses. To build the foundation for the venture ecosystem, it also assists companies that seek to secure a place in “Venture Clusters” and “Venture Development and Promotion Zones,” and carries out other efforts to promote entrepreneurship across the country.