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Micro Enterprise

Encouraging Successful Start-ups of Micro-enterprises

MSS has built a business district information system to provide useful information for start-ups, such as average revenue, number and flow of passersby,
and density of major business districts, thus encouraging successful start-ups and their troublefree advancement into new businesses.
MSS also provides useful information such as start-up know-how and how to manage a shop through 24-hour broadcasting exclusively for microenterprises (yes-TV).
MSS is also managing a micro-enterprise start-up school for tailored training on start-ups and the provision of start-up service training linked with policy funds.
In addition, MSS dispatches experts such as skilled masters to the shops to analyze their situations and advice on business tips according to their analysis.

Enhancing the Business Management Capacity and Expanding the Safety Network of Micro-enterprises to Support Livelihood

MSS is supporting the collaboration of micro-enterprises operated for livelihood, such as bakeries and laundries, by pushing for the formation of cooperatives.
MSS is fostering 10,000 “Nadle shops” that are mom-and-pop stores improved. MSS is also building small and midle-sized distribution and logistics systems integrated ICT.
In addition, MSS is providing opportunities for SMEs to grow as healthy enterprises by conducting franchise level assessment, and supporting participation in corporate briefings and exhibitions to promote advancement into overseas markets. MSS is also providing surety support services, deductions for micro-enterprises,
and training for business conversion to help corporate turnaround in order to prevent burden of risk from business failure.