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MSS has launched a free online legal support service for startups

Spokesperson's Office
MSS is set to pilot a new service offering free online legal support to 500 companies.

An online legal support program will be launched on April 8 to provide startups in new industries with easy access to legal services.

Starting in July, MSS will compile legal consultation cases and organize them into a FAQ format for provision.
Startups experiencing difficulties due to legal issues can now receive free legal advice from lawyers with expertise and experience in the startup field.

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS, Minister OH Youngju) launched an 'Online Legal Support Program for Startups' on April 8 to make it easier for startups in new industries to obtain legal services related to investment, regulations, labor, and other legal affairs.

Startups can apply for legal advice through the K-Startup portal ( Once selected, startups can independently choose one advisor from the advisory panel. MSS will pilot this new service by offering up to KRW 1 million per company to 500 companies.

< Process for Legal Advisory >
Application 󰁾 Selection 󰁾 Selection
Legal Experts
󰁾 Implementation 󰁾 Payment
Advisory Fees
Registration of consultation request Suitability review Selection of advisory panel members Signing contracts, requesting documents, etc. Payment to advisory panel members
Startups KISED Startups Startups-Advisory panel member KISED
MSS expects that startups who find it difficult to find suitable legal experts and lack the time and resources can easily access high-quality legal services online through this project. 

In addition, from July onwards, MSS plans to categorize cases that startups have received advice on, such as labor and legal affairs. These will be compiled into 'Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)' to encourage the resolution of simple inquiries through the FAQ section. This will allow personalized legal advice for more complex and difficult cases.

Minister OH Youngju stated, "Currently, the government supports legal services for SMEs, but it has been limited to specific areas such as technology protection and global expansion, with limited support scale, resulting in practical limitations for startups." She added, "This year, we will establish an advisory panel of specialized lawyers in the startup field to pilot legal advisory services for startups in emerging industries. If successful, we plan to expand it further next year."

The application can be submitted to the K-Startup portal ( from April 8 at any time.

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