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The Minister of SMEs and Startups met with experts to explore ways to establish an innovative ecosystem in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

On April 4, Oh Youngju, Minister of SMEs and Startups, met with representatives of AI companies and experts in this field for the first time since she was appointed minister.

This meeting was arranged to gather ideas for relevant policies from companies in the field to establish an innovative AI ecosystem in the country since AI is being used across all industries. Representative companies leading AI convergence and a policy research institution participated in this meeting.

During the meeting, representatives from various companies shared their insights on the current trends in AI technology and the different cases where AI is being applied. They also freely expressed their opinions on creating an innovative AI ecosystem. The participants agreed that Korean startups have great potential to compete in the global AI market.

They emphasized the importance of establishing a support system that would enable large companies and startups to work together alongside the government's efforts to create initial demand. These measures can help companies demonstrate their competence and succeed in the competitive landscape of the AI industry.

Oh Youngju, Minister of SMEs and Startups, said, "MSS will collaborate with startups and venture businesses to develop an AI ecosystem, establish secure and robust AI services, and enhance the global competitiveness of the South Korean AI industry." She added, "MSS will review the innovative ideas proposed by the industry and incorporate them into policy."

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