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Full-Scale Promotion of Robot Startup Nurturing!

Spokesperson's Office
Yeji KIM
□ Nurturing into Robot Unicorns through the ‘Super Gap Startup 1000+ Project’ and More

□ Vice Minister CHO Ju-hyeon Organises Conference with 10 Leading Super Gap Startups in the Robot Field
The Ministry of SMEs and Startups (Minister LEE Young, hereinafter referred to as MSS) held a conference for robot startups on May 23 at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) in Daejeon to address the challenges faced by related startups, as the nurturing of robot startups is being actively promoted through the “Super Gap Startup 1,000+ Project” starting this year.
While the MSS has provided support to robot companies through various funding and R&D programs in the past, this year marks the first strategic selection and support specifically focused on the “robot field.” This conference was organised to examine the industry trends in the robot field and address regulatory and operational challenges faced by startups in that field.
The conference was attended by 10 startups, as well as experts and relevant organisations. It included presentations on the industry trends in the robot field and the technological capabilities of robot startups participating in the Super Gap Project, followed by discussions and addressing of challenges.
Vice Minister CHO Ju-hyeon emphasised the importance of robots as a foundational industry for our economy’s digital transformation, foreseeing their role and significance expanding for the growth of our economy and small and medium-sized enterprises. CHO added, “We will actively support and foster promising startups in the robot field with innovative capabilities, from their early stages, and further promote investment, funding expansion, regulatory resolution, and other measures, along with the Super Gap Project, to enable them to grow into robot unicorns.”