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Christmas is Even More Enchanting by Shopping Live ‘K-MAS 2021’ with SMEs Products

Spokesperson's Office
Hanhee JANG
□ Plans for Shopping Live ‘K-MAS 2021’ were announced. This is an event dedicated to easing the economic damage to small business owners caused by COVID-19 by encouraging the public to purchase their products, which will take place from December 18 to 26.

□ ‘K-MAS’ is an online, non-face-to-face event that will take place on online platforms (40 platforms), in traditional markets (400 markets), and in SME and small business owner stores (approximately 40,000 stores)

□ The event will take place in an “online space” at the Mapo Festival Street, featuring “100 special products” voted by the citizens. The selected products are those that have contributed to the community, will support vulnerable groups, or were made by youth business owners in hopes of overcoming their business closures

□  It is expected to become a part of private-cooperate joint efforts to provide an opportunity to accelerate digital transformation for small business owners
Please see the attached file.