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633 Venture Companies entered the 100 Billion Won Club

Spokesperson's Office
Hanhee JANG
□ The Korean MSS announced the findings of the “2020 100 Billion Won
  Venture Companies Report”

□ As of the end of 2020, 62 new companies including Seegene (COVID-19 diagnostic kit manufacturer) entered the 100 Billion Won Venture Companies Club, resulting in a total of 633 companies

◦ The number of companies from Healthcare·Pharmaceuticals,  Software Development and IT Service industries increased by 10 and 8, respectively, as these industries showed growth due to the COVID-19

□ The number of employees and sales of 100 Billion Won Venture Club were about 242,000 people and 151 trillion Won, placing these companies second and fourth, respectively, on the list in the Korean economy; they have placed themselves as a major pillar in the Korean economy
Please see the attached file.