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COMEUP 2020 will be held as a leading global startup festival in the age of zero contact

Startup Policy Division
□ Begin full-fledged preparations and a successful hosting of COMEUP, Korea's largest global startup festival through the kick-off ceremony of the
COMEUP 2020 organizing committee

□Actively reflect the latest trends such as non-face-to-face and virtual event planning and AI popularization this year, considering the post-corona

□Rise as a world-class startup festival brand utilizing the crisis as an opportunity
The Ministry of SMEs and Startups (Minister Park Young-sun, hereinafter MSS) held the kick-off ceremony of the “COMEUP 2020” organizing committee in a bid to begin full fledged preparations and a successful hosting of COMEUP at Gangnam DREAMPLUS inSeoul on May 20 (Wed).
"COMEUP" is a global networking event for innovative ventures and startups,which boaststhe highest authority and largest scale in Korea.
Since last year, the brand "COMEUP" was launched with the goal of developing into a global startupfestival such as Slush in Finland and Tech Crunch in the United States.
About 21,000 people attended the event from 61 countries around the world during the “COMEUP2019” held last year.
4,900 startups and 650 venture capitalists gathered together tocreate a venue for cross-border networking and business.
A flexible battery startup called "Rebest" (CEO Kim Joo-sung, founded in 2016) participated in the COMEUP Frontier Session last year and succeeded in raising 5 billion won in
investment at the back of its technology and growth potential.
This year, a world-renownedstartup eventincluding MWC in Spain and Slush in Finland, is either canceled or indefinitely postponed due to the aftermath of Corona 19.
On the other hand, Korea is overcoming the threat of Corona 19 in a most exemplary way thanks to the cooperation of the government and the people, bio-ventures and startups.
Utilizing this situation as an opportunity, Korea will be able to set the standard for global startup events in the post-corona era by presenting "COMEUP" as a world-class startup festival brand.
Meanwhile, K-Disinfection has been established as a global standard by swiftly developing and disseminating diagnostic kits thanks to bio-venture companies in the early stages of the Coronavirus outbreak.
If the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and Organizing Committee hold this year's “COMEUP” event successfully with themes and methods optimized for the post-coronaera untact environment, “COMEUP” will be recognized as an estimable festival model and draw the limelilght.
At the kick-off ceremony today, 22 people with expertise and trust from the industry were appointed as members of the COMEUP 2020 Organizing Committee, taking into account the six areas * that consist of the start-up ecosystem.
* Startup, private support, VC, accelerators, government agency, media
Market Kurly CEO, Sophie Kim, who was appointed as the chairperson of the private sector, received a letter of commission from Minister Park Young-sun on behalf of the organizing committee.
The COMEUP 2020 Organizing Committee, which is in full swing for the next six months, will be co-chaired by the private sector (CEO Sophie Kim of Market Kurly) and the public (Deputy Minister of the Office of Startup and Venture Innovation, Ministry of SMEs and Startups), and consists of three working groups under the chairpersons.
▪(Role)Final decision on the event’s basic plan, detailed program, key speakers, and etc.
▪(Composition) Consists of 22 experts in innovative ecosystem
Invite speakers
& operate
side events
Press PR
In particular, the chairperson of the private sector, Sophie Kim, announced the key directionsfor the “COMEUP 2020”, and the main contents are as follows.
Slogan:Meet the Future-Post Pandemic
✓ Purpose: create a venue for innovative ventures and startups to meet the near future one step faster in the post-corona era,
Three Major themes:Social System, Work and Life
For each of the three major themes, 4 sessionsare planned. There will bea total of 12 sessions.Consequently, the post-corona era will be viewed through the eyes of startups.

Event: Non-face-to-face”&virtual + offline
✓ Focus on live streaming, startup digital booths, online conferences, and IR pitching by actively reflecting the everyday untact environment.
“Innovative ventures and start-ups should play a key role in making Korea a leading digital powerhouse in the post-corona era,” said Park Young-sun, the Minister of the MSS during the Congratulatory address.
Meanwhile, COMEUP 2020 will be held at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul from November 19 (Thursday) to 21 (Saturday).More details can be found on the official website of COMEUP. (