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Subject Vice Minister's site visit to Kunsan region
Division Regional Business Innovation Policy Division Date 2018.08.01
Read 3971 Writer Assistant Director JoonYoung Kim
Headline Vice Minister Choi visted a business center in Kunsan, which is recently experiencing difficulties due to the closing of General Motors' factory, and discussed ways to diversify marekting of partner companies. He monitored the status of regional countermeasures, listening to the difficulties of regional partner companies and local merchants.
Vice Minister Choi of the MSS made a visit to auto and shipbuilding partner companies of General Motors and traditional markets in Kusan, which is facing crisis caused by GM factory closure in May, 2018 and the suspension of operation of Hyundai Heavy Industries' Kusan shipbuilding site in July, 2017. This site visit was designed to monitor the status of regional countermeasures, which were unveiled three times, and listen to local voices of regional micro-enterprises.

Vice Minister Choi participated in the opening ceremony of the business support center, which was created to help partner companies of GM in Kunsan develop their technology and market their products, and monitored the current status of its operation. He also encouraged related officers who are striving to overcome the crisis of partner companies, and asked for them to provide practical support for business conversion and marketing diversification by making a speedy execution of supplementary budget created for the Kusan region.

Moreover, he made a series of visits to GM partner companies and shipbuilding companies in Kunsan to listen to their difficulties, and monitored whether previously unveiled reigonal measures are executed onsite without problems. Businesspersons of the local companies told Vice Minister Choi that they are experiencing business crisis in financing, export and employment due to a steep decrease in sales caused by Kusan economic crisis. Vice Minister Choi replied that he would see whether regional countermeasures are executed smoothly and actively improve the areas that need improvement.

Afterwards, he made a visit to Kunsan traditional market and talked with merchants while shopping there. He visited youth malls in the market and encouraged young merchants, saying that he will revitalize youth malls by supporting facility improvement, marketing, and creation of additional stores by means of supplementary budget.
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