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Global CVCs Visit COMEUP

Spokesperson's Office
Rachel Minjo CHUN
The 2023 Global CVC Conference was held in connection with COMEUP.

Sejong, November 21 - On November 9, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) hosted the "2023 Global CVC Conference" and also organized a meeting with around 50 global CVCs visiting Korea.

<Overview of the Global CVC Roundtable>
◼ Date: Thursday, November 9
◼ Location: DDP Design Lab 2F Video Studio (281 Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul)
◼ Attendees: MSS Minister LEE Young, Director General for Venture Policy LEE Eun-cheong, GS Ventures CEO HEO Jun-nyeong (Chairman of CVC Council), 50 global
CVC stakeholders including bp Ventures, SRI Ventures, Sony Ventures, etc.

The Global CVC Roundtable is the first event of the two-day Global CVC Conference, organized in partnership with the British media company GCV. Despite being the inaugural event of its kind in Korea, 53 participants from 35 CVCs and organizations across 16 countries took part in the conference. This demonstrates the global investment market's keen interest in Korean startups.

An event was held to exhibit the current state of Korea's startup ecosystem, venture capital, and CVCs to around 50 global CVCs who were visiting Korea. The attendees were also requested to share their views on COMEUP and Korea's CVC ecosystem.

During the event, Minister LEE Young extended a warm welcome to the CVCs and expressed that "COMEUP," which is the biggest startup festival in Korea, has now expanded as an international event that brings together startups, venture capital firms, support organizations, and governments from all over the globe.

She expressed, "We look forward to the collaboration between Korean startups and global CVCs, starting with this event, as internationally recognized and competitive Korean startups emerge."

Rachel Minjo Chun
Spokesperson for Foreign Media