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VIVA TECHNOLOGY 2023 Opening Ceremony of K-Startup Integrated Hall

Spokesperson's Office
Yeji KIM
□ Around 120 participants, including startups, organising agencies, and supporters, will attend ‘VIVA TECHNOLOGY 2023’ where South Korea participates as the ‘Country of the Year’

□ Pre-event education, program introductions, sharing of successful overseas marketing cases, and networking events will be organised to facilitate collaboration in preparation for participation in the ‘K-Startup Integrated Hall’
The Ministry of SMEs and Startups (Minister LEE Young) has announced that it has conducted the opening ceremony of the ‘K-Startup Integrated Hall’ ahead of the upcoming Viva Technology 2023, the largest information and communication technology startup event in Europe, which will be held in Paris, France in June.
The opening ceremony took place on May 18 in the afternoon (14:00-17:20) at Tips Town in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Startups, along with the Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development, Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, Korea Institute of Design Promotion, Samsung C-lab, KT Partners, Konkuk University, Kyung Hee University, Sogang University, and others attended the ceremony.
South Korea participates in Viva Technology 2023 as the “Country of the Year” partner, and during the event, it operates the ‘K-Startup Integrated Hall’ together with 45 outstanding domestic startups. The ‘K-Startup Integrated Hall’ is located in the central area of the main hall, alongside Viva Technology partners, and hosts various events such as individual startup exhibitions, investor relations pitching, and business meetings.
The startups in the ‘K-Startup Integrated Hall’ were selected through open applications and recommendations from organisations such as the Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development, Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, Samsung C-lab, and KT Partners. Participating companies cover a wide range of fields, including energy technology companies specialising in resource and energy recycling, innovative technology companies in areas such as AI, big data, and 5G, as well as companies in the fields of service platforms, smart homes, and smart manufacturing.
The opening ceremony featured specialised lectures introducing the French startup ecosystem and overseas marketing, as well as networking opportunities. It also included one-on-one matching with individual startups to facilitate joint promotional activities on-site. Additionally, the appointment ceremony for university student supporters (from Konkuk University, Kyung Hee University, and Sogang University) who will participate in promotional activities together was held concurrently.
Leading up to the Viva Technology event, specialised training will be provided for local exhibitions and investment consultations. Pre-event business matching and consultations will be conducted to connect investors, buyers, and French companies, seeking to identify potential matches. In addition, an e-booth will be set up to provide online access to information about startups participating in Viva Technology. This information will be available through the Viva Technology platform (
Minister LEE Young stated, “We are pleased that through this Viva Technology 2023 event, we can showcase the excellent technology and competitiveness of K-Startups in Europe.” LEE added, “Through this opportunity, we will actively support the experience of the global startup ecosystem and strive to create a stepping stone for expansion into Europe.”