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Public-Private Partnership Open Innovation Contest Tasks

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Public-Private Partnership Open Innovation Contest Tasks

□ A total of 15 top-down tasks selected by large companies, etc. were released from ①4th Industrial Revolution and ②ESG as part of the “Large Company-Star Solution Provider Platform” programme

   * ① 4th Industrial Revolution: 8 tasks related to AI and/or the metaverse ② ESG: 7 tasks related to the environment and/or society

◦ Startups with innovative technology to solve the given tasks with creative ideas and technology

◦ Selected startups will be provided with commercialisation support (Max. KRW 100 mil.), and technology development support (Max. KRW 300 mil. over two years)

□ Startups that wish to participate can sign up online on the websites of each program, and more information is provided on the K-Startup website ( or the Biz Info website (
Please see the attached for more information