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This Time a Mini-concert, Second “Donghaeng” of K-Pop and K-Sale

Ministry of SMEs and Startups
* Hold special events with objectives of the nationwide event K-Sale(Korean Donghaeng sale), to revitalize domestic demand. (COEX East Gate Plaza in Samseong-dong, Seoul, 7.10~7.12)

□ Support online and offline sales promotion of small and medium-sized businesses, focusing on BrandK products

□ Delivering messages from popular influencers and artistsof arousing nationwide support toward every citizen

□ Hold certificate award ceremony for the second series of Brand K products and untact signing event with PR ambassador, former national team soccer player ‘Park Ji-sung’

□ The powerful ‘fluttering of wings’ of K-Sale, create “K-Sale Theme Zone” which will light up the street of Yeongdong day and night
The Ministry of SMEs and Startups (Minister Park Young-sun, hereinafter referred to as “MSS”) announced that it will hold an online-and-offline-combined mini-concert together with K-Sale(“K-Sale with MiniCon,” hereinafter referred to as the Special Event) at the COEX East Gate Plaza in Samseong-dong, Seoul for three consecutive days from July 10 to 12.
K-Sale – held from June 26 with the aim to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and boost consumption – will wrap up its 17-day grand journey which had initially started in Busan, to Daegu, Olympic Park and Sungnyemun Plaza in Seoul, Jeonju, Cheongju, Changwon, and come to a closeat COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul, on July 12.
The special event will be organized in MiniCon format, a combination of “Convention” and “Concert” that covers a wide range of trendy contents such as K-Beauty, K-Influencer, K-Pop, etc. through various media platforms. Also at the special event in COEX East Gate Plaza, there will be an offline sales zone and online live commerce session, all arranged to support online and offline promotion of Brand K products as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Lastly, there will be concerts with three different themes, sending messages of hope and comfort to the public and small business owners.
<K-Sale Special Event Schedule>
Time July 10 (Fri) July 11 (Sat) July 12 (Sun)  
15:00∼15:30 Mini concert 1 TV broadcast shooting
(Free Market 10)
Mini concert with Tune-up 1 Mini concert with Tune-up 1  
16:00∼16:30 Live stage with influencers
[Yumdaeng+Calary Girl/
food talk show]
Live stage with influencers
Mini concert with Tune-up 2  
17:00~17:30     Live stage with influencers
[Great Library/Daedo Box]
17:30∼18:00 Mini concert with Tune-up 2 Brand K certificate
award ceremony
18:30∼19:00 Mini concert with Tune-up 3 Signing event with
Brand K PR Ambassador
[Soccer player Park Ji-Sung]
TV broadcast shooting
(Get It Beauty – Lala Review)
20:00∼20:20 Opening ceremony Finale concert
(Theme: Healing concert)
Finale concert
(Theme: K-Pop concert)
20:30∼21:00 Finale concert
(Theme: Public concert)
21:00 ~21:30  
11:00 ~ 19:00 Sales booth, PR booth  
15:00 ~ 16:30
17:00 ~ 18:30
18:30 ~ 20:00
Live commerce
Aired alternately between Seoul and Changwon on Dongbanmall TV
In particular, because this special event was organized for the purpose of overcomingCOVID-19pandemic, an even more meaningful touch was added – to invite approximately 100 heroes fighting against COVID-19, every day for three days to enjoy concerts together and to express the public’s sincere gratitude to them.
<Image of “K-Sale with MiniCon”>

  1. Special “Donghaeng” of K-Pop and K-Sale, Two Becoming One 
    K-Sale has established a new model of ​​online sales by combiningthe method of untact live commerce to “K-brands” such as K-pop, K-beauty, K-quarantine, etc.
    Following the expansion of the new “K-Sale” which combines K-pop and live commerce – live commerce has become a core channel for promoting in the economy of digital consumption, a change brought about by COVID-19 –it has accelerated online sales as well as entry to overseas markets of small and medium-sized businesses.
    On July 3, the K-Sale Sungnyemun Special Event in collaboration with K-pop, was broadcasted live throughout the nation and worldwide via YouTube and Naver VLIVE. It recorded a total of 837,000 playbacks, 45 million likes and 150,000 real-time comments, proving the possibility that it is in fact, possible to successfully carry out an untact live streaming session and receive fervent responses from viewers around the world.
    Atthe special event site (Special Global Sales Exhibition) in COEX, there will be special discounts from China’sTmall and major shopping malls of Southeast Asian regions(Shopee, Qoo10, etc.), under the online category for Korea. Furthermore, there will be offerings in collaboration with K-pop as well asWanghonglive commerce connecting the on-site studio(Special Global Sales Exhibition) in COEX with local studio in Qingdao, China, supporting domestic sales as well as exports at the same time.
    Participation of Popular Artists and Influencers
    At the event venue, there will be a special stage set up for live stage events with popular influencers and live commerce with Dongbanmall TV.
    The live stage events consist of a food talk show with influencers Yumdaeng and Calary Girl, Misun Impossible by Park Mi-sun, and Daedo Box by Great Library. Also, there will be nine influencers including THESUZY, Ssongyang, ShanTokki, Yoon_webocto,Hyesunee, Quaddurup, etc. alternately present during the three days for live commerce.
    The finale concerts will take place every evening at 8 p.m. each under different themes– public concert (July 10), healing concert (July 11), and K-pop concert (July 12) – with Kang Saneh, Daybreak, 10cm, Jung-in, Kim Feel, BOL4, TOO, Golden Child, and ONF participating as artists.
    Special Sales of Live Commerce
    The final on-site live commerce of K-Sale will be held simultaneously in Seoul and Changwon, focusing on food and lifestyle products which are more familiar to consumers. Along with professional show hosts, popular influencers will also participate and aim to sell out the products.
    There have been significant accomplishments following the launch of K-Sale – 27 products have sold out, and during the special event in Seoul with ministers from five departments including Minister of Economy and Finance, Hong Nam-ki, five products have also sold out with their active participation.
    In addition, the first live commerce of traditional markets was held in Jeonju Nambu Market on July 4.The chairman of Small Enterprise and Market Service(SEMAS) took part and sold out 'Champon Soy Sauce Shrimp' from Buan traditional market and ‘Clam Ramen’ from Gochang traditional market. These results showed that traditional markets can most definitely take part in live commerce and live commerce can be a new solution in the post-corona virus era when it comes to searching for breakthroughs for traditional markets.
    Driving momentum of sellouts for the first day of live commerce in Seoul(July 10), the chief of the National Police Agency, the Minister of Environment, and the chairperson of Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission will participate as special show hosts to promote and sell DMZ Jangdan bean chocolates, upcycled whale-print bags and Sungju melons, thereby contributing to the spread of untact consumption culture.
    If live commerce becomes widespread after K-Sale, smaller business brands will be able to represent their regions and also grow to become representative brands and products of Korea as an entire nation through market digitalization. It will serve as a stepping stone for achieving global competitiveness that extends beyond domestic demand to the rest of the world.
    Filming of Public Broadcasts
    Meanwhile, shooting of public broadcasts, connecting on-site and studios, has also been scheduled. Through “Free Market 10”– a TV program which introduces the current most popular items,various lifestyle products, etc. – a special episode of selecting and introducing 10 Brand K products has been added to promote Brand K products. Products of small and medium-sized businesses will also be promoted (in review-style format) both online and offline through “Lala Review”, a social media live streaming session of Korea's most popularTV beauty program “Get It Beauty.”
    <K-Sale Special Program TV Schedule>
Category Program
TV Broadcast

(Olive) Free Market 10 (OnStyle) Get It Beauty_Lala Review
7.27(Mon) 19:50 Olive Channel Broadcast
8.4(Tue) 19:20 tvN AsiaChannel Broadcast
7.31(Fri) 20:30 OnStyleChannelBroadcast
BrandK Second Series Certificate Award Ceremony and Untact Signing Event of PR Ambassadors
At the K-Sale event, an untact certificate award event will be held where videos will be shown, introducing the story of how Brand K products have been selected, the official certificate award ceremony, connecting the stage and on-site, etc. The event will be held together with the Brand K PR ambassador, soccer player Park Ji-sung.
At the main stage of the special event, 81 products that were selected this past April for the second series of Brand K products will be introduced through a large screen and Dongbanmall mascots, ‘Sally’ and ‘Buy’ will visit the offices of five major products and deliver the certificates based on the new concept of an untact certificate award ceremony.
The top companies of each field in K-beauty, K-quarantine, K-food, K-kitchen, and K-lifestyle were selected, and their products chosen to represent the second series of Brand K products. The final products of each field are the following – Too Cool for School (Artclass by Rodin Shading), CNTUS-SUNGJIN (facemasks), Kyung Nam Pharm (LEMONA Vitamin C Powder), KwangJuYo(KwangJuYotableware), and Daon SI (Easy Drop Toilet Cleaner).
Next, there will be an untact signing event with Brand K PR ambassador, soccer player Park Ji-sung.
As non-face-to-face, untact-related issues have become much more important due to COVID-19, the signing event will take place with two-way communication, through live streaming. In order to soothe any of the public’s frustration of not being able to meet face-to-face, there will be online interviews with Park Ji-sung, Q&A sessions, various quizzes on Brand K products, etc. and a personalized letter with Park’s signature will be delivered to a selected winner.
PR and Widespread Promotion
In addition to the exhibition of 22 Brand K products and operation of sales booths, there are plans to promote the spread of the event atmosphere across the nation through offline participation of high-quality product brands in Seoul and Gyeonggi regions, promotional booth of Jeollanam-do, and two-way connection communication with Changwon in Gyeongsangnam-do.
Through collaboration with the Gangnam-gu Office, there will be various outdoor display boards around the advertising free zone (near Samseong Station in Seoul) and COEX indoor media installation will also be used. Location promotion videos of K-Sale and (butterfly) concept videos will be actively transmitted and promoted in order to arouse pre-event public interest and attract maximum attention during the event period.
Offline publicity using media installations (a total 1,218 sites) located within CJ Olive Networks’ Olive Young branches throughout the nation is also ongoing (June 26 ~ July 12).
In addition, considering the current situation of distancing in daily life due to COVID-19, the number of on-site participants will be minimized and instead, all concert scenes taking place on stage will be broadcasted live through CJ ENM's OTT service, TVING, so that even more people can enjoy the on-site event atmosphere and performances.
“K-Sale Theme Zone,” The Small Fluttering of Wings Coming Together to Light up the Street of Yeongdong
In connection with the special event which will be held at COEX East Gate Plaza for three consecutive days, the “K-Sale Theme Zone” will also be set up around Samseong Station. From July 2, “Donghaeng butterflies”were installed and are currently operating on 21 streetlights, connecting Samseong Station and Bongeunsa Station. Also, a butterfly tunnel photo zone, which will light up day and night, will also be installed in time for the start of the special event (will operate until July 31).
<Image of ‘K-Sale Theme Zone’>
Butterfly Lamp Street Light Butterfly Tunnel
The butterfly of K-Sale was inspired by and comes from the ‘Butterfly Effect’ – it holds the meaning that each and every one can come together to overcome the coronavirus pandemic and bring about greater hope with small and medium-sized businesses, small business owners, etc. The powerful ‘fluttering of wings’ across the nation has continued since June 19 through pre-publicity.
Especially in the case of the butterfly tunnel, it symbolizes the big fluttering of wings made by 625 pieces of small butterflies. During the day, the butterflies cast colored shadows on the floor and during the night, they are brightly lit up with LED lights – this expresses the concept of “Dazzling Donghaeng” and the butterfly tunnel will be used as a photo zone for visitors who wish to take photos and share together the meaning of wings of hope.
“K-Sale Theme Zone” was designed and planned as the summer version of Brand K’s “Dazzling Christmas Market” which was held last winter.
K-quarantine, Which Has Further Improved with Public-Private Partnership, Will Safely Protect K-Sale until the End
The hidden potential of Korea’s K-quarantine, a model which emerged after the COVID-19 outbreak, also exerts its power during K-Sale.
The Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS), Seoul Metropolitan Government, Gangnam-gu, and Small &Medium Business Distribution Center (SBDC), etc. are providing as well as following thorough disinfection and sterilization guidelines. Private sectors such as COEX, CJ ENM and CESCO are also making every effort to create safe event venues for the public.
With diverse and fun contents currently being prepared, it is expected to attract significant numbers of visitors. Therefore, various preventive measures will be introduced such as regular disinfection of event venues, measuring temperature of visitors, maintaining social distancing, using QR code-based entry log system, mandatory use of automatic hand sterilizer and plastic gloves, etc.