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“K-Sale(Korean Donghaeng Sale) Special Event”

Ministry of SMEs and Startups
*Special event of the nationwide campaign “K-Sale” that aim to revitalize domestic demand(Seoul Olympic Park KSPO Dome, July 1~3/ Sungnyemun Plaza July 3)

□Major government personnel and celebrities to appear in live commerce shows and support promotion

□Encourage traditional markets, small and medium-sized businesses, etc. through untact on-site communication

□Provide time for relaxation with untact K-Pop performances, support messages for revitalization of the domestic market, etc.
The Ministry of SMEs and Startups (Minister Park Young-sun, hereinafter referred to as “MSS”)announced that it will hold a non-face-to-face live-streaming event “K-Sale Special Event” (hereinafter referred to as “Special Event”) at Sungnyemun (July 3) and Seoul Olympic Park KSPO Dome (Gymnastics Stadium, July 1~3) for three consecutive days from July 1 to July 3.
K-Sale, held from June 26 to July 12, is a large-scale discount and promotional campaign that aim to revive the domestic economy which has stagnated due to the coronavirus pandemic. Especially with the three-day Special Event –highlight of K-Sale – the atmosphere of K-Sale will reach its peak.
The Special Event will consist of various smaller events that further highlight the objectives of K-Sale–these include live commerce broadcasts, which will offer products of small and medium-sized business as well as conglomerates, and untact on-site talks with small business owners.
<K-Sale Special Event Schedule>
Category 7.1(Wed) 7.2(Thurs) 7.3(Fri)
Event Program Untact Studio
(KSPO Dome)
Live Commerce Live Commerce
Progress Report
Untact On-site Talks
Live Commerce
Special Performance
Sungnyemun -   Special Performance
Live Commerce Platform ∘Naver Live Commerce
∘Dongban-mall Platform
∘Naver Live Commerce
∘Dongban-mall Platform
∘Naver Live Commerce
∘Dongban-mall Platform
Broadcast Transmission Digital ∘Dongban-mall TV
∘MSS YouTube Channel
∘Dongban-mall TV
∘MSS YouTube Channel
∘Dongban-mall TV
∘MSS YouTube Channel
TV - - ∘MBC
∘Arirang TV, KTV
The event holds great significance in that it establishes a new model of “K-Sale”–carrying out a new untact live promotion event infused with K-Pop, changes brought about by the rapidly emerging digital economy of COVID-19.
(Live Commerce, New Core Channel for Untact Communication)
During the three-day Special Event, a Live Commerce promotion event will take place– live commerce becoming a core consumption channel for an untact economy–and focus on products of traditional markets, small and medium-sized enterprises, small business owners, etc.
Live commerce is an effective method for promoting and selling products of small and medium-sized enterprises and small business owners with relatively low brand awareness because it allows the delivery of detailed product information through real-time interaction.
Furthermore, live commerce has the advantage of allowing consumers to purchase products and at the same time, provide fun as well as informative contents such as answering to product Q&A through real-time chat. The main purpose of emphasizing live commerce for the Special Event is to highlight that it is an important channel for revitalizing the domestic market in the untact and digital post-Coronavirus era, and also to express the government's political will to support small and medium-sized enterprises as well as small business owners.
Specifically, live commerce session for the Special Event will be held at special studios in Seoul Olympic Park KSPO Dome as collaborations between private platforms of live commerce and Dongban-mall, a public platform.
Sales products consist of food, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and electronic items. There will be three studios that will broadcast one or two items per hour through Dongban-mall (TV &Platform) and private channels (Naver & TMON).
Meanwhile, major government officials including ministers of each department and celebrities will appear as show hosts to promote and sell products by grabbing the consumers’ interests with eye-catching contents.
Minister of Ocean and Fisheries, Moon Seong-hyeok, Minister of Gender Equality and Family, Lee Jung-ok, will appear on July 1, and Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Finance, Hong Nam-ki and Minister of SMEs and Startups, Park Young-sun, will appear on July 2.
During the last three days, Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, Sung Yun-mo, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Park Yang-woo, and Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Kim Hyeonsoo, will take part and contribute to the spread of untact consumer culture.
In particular, live commerce broadcasts which will feature Minister Park Young-sun of MSS on July 2, will be planned as a special sessionforregional food products of Daegu and Gyeongbuk that have been suffering from falling sales due to COVID-19. These include sales of plums (Uiseong), garlic (Uiseong), and Nadrijjolmyeon-Korean spicy chewy noodle(Yeongju).
(Encouragement through Untact On-site Communication)
On July 2, second day of the Special Event, Minister Park will conduct an untact talk session with small business owners, distribution industry officials, etc. at the untact communication stage prepared inside Seoul Olympic Park.
At the scene, Minister Park will meet with small business owners, startup companies, live commerce event cast, etc. those who are actively pushing forward with smartification and pioneering online sales channels, listen to their difficulties brought about by the coronavirus pandemic and encourage them.
In addition, it will be emphasized that K-Sale is an extensive discount and promotion event which brings in participation of all economic units from various industries including traditional markets, small and medium-sized enterprises, small business owners, etc. They will be motivated to actively take part in the promotion of nationwide consumption.
(Event at Sungnyemun, Combined With Untact K-Pop Performances)
Meanwhile on July 3, starting from 8pm, MSS will host events such as sending encouragement messages for revival of the domestic market, untact K-Pop performances, etc. at untact studios set up in Sungnyemun Plaza and Seoul Olympic Park KSPO Dome (Gymnastics Stadium).
These events have been arranged to offer a relaxing time for the citizens of Korea who have become restless and worn-out from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and also to support revitalization of the domestic market. It will be aired on MBC, Naver V-LIVE and YouTube from 9pm on July 3.
To begin with, Minister Park Young-sun will explain the purpose and objectives of K-Sale as well as the Sungnyemun event, Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun, who will also attend the event, will then deliver messages of hope and encouragement to the Korean citizens who are currently suffering from the coronavirus.
What’s more, “Mr. Trot” Jung Dong-won, digital commercial model for K-Sale, will perform the campaign song “Donghaeng” and a video of NCT DREAM, public ambassadors of the campaign, visiting and touring around Seomun Market in Daegu will also be shown.
Later, encouragement messages and K-Pop performances of SM Entertainment’s NCT DREAM, Red Velvet, and Super Junior-K.R.Y. will be broadcasted at untact studios installed inside the Gymnastics Stadium.
Additionally, the theme song of K-Sale “Us” will be sung together as a relay by public performers as well as citizens from all parts of society. A beautiful touch of guitarist Ham Chun-ho's guitar melody will be added to make the performance more memorable.
The atmosphere of the Special Event will reach its peak with the Media Facade performance where trees will grow in sequence with the delicate fluttering of butterflies flying along the walls of Sungnyemun.
“With the domestic economy stagnating due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our nation and citizens are in difficult situations, but like the message indicated in the K-Sale logo, we will bring about a brighter tomorrow for Korea as each and every small ‘fluttering of consumption’ come together. We hope that K-Sale will help expand untact core consumption channels such as live commerce, and significantly contribute to the increase of sales of small and medium-sized enterprises, small business owners, etc. as well as become new entryways into online markets,” said Park Young-sun, Minister of SMEs and Startups.