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Extensive Sales Promotion for “Korea Donghaeng Sale”

Ministry of SMEs and Startups
□ Nationwide consumption promotion event participated(donghaeng) by all economic units including 23 conglomerates in the manufacturing and distribution industry such aselectronics, automobile, department stores, and supermarkets, 16 online shopping malls, 633 traditional markets all around the nation, approximately 5,000 local grocery stores, as well as livestock and fisheries industry players, restaurants, and tourism operators.

   * Maximum discount rates: (Supermarkets) 30-50%, (Online Shopping Malls) 30-40%, (Dongbanmall Platform) 87%, (Traditional Markets) 20%, (Local Grocery Stores) 20-50%, (Electronics and Automobile) TBA

□ New untact and live streaming method“K-Sale” developed through convergence with K-pop

   * Live commerce broadcasting held in collaboration with SM, CJ ENM and other major K-pop producers (featuring influencers, ministers, local government leaders); untact K-pop concerts with product placements

□ Jung Dong-won from the hit trot competition show “Mr. Trot” and the Korean Wave star “NCT Dream” will participate as ambassadors, appearing in promotional videos and other various events including digital promotion campaign

* SNS TikTok challenge (Donghaeng Butterfly Challenge): Participants to upload videos of themselves doing the “Butterfly Dance” (which represents Korea Donghang Sale’smain logo image) to Jung Dong-won's song “Donghaeng”
Korea Donghaeng Sale, anationwide event held to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and stimulate consumption, will take place for 17 days from June 26 to July 12.
This event will be participated(donghaeng) by 23 conglomerates in the manufacturing and distribution industry such as electronics, automobile, department stores, and supermarkets, 16 online shopping malls, 633 traditional markets all around the nation, approximately 5,000 local grocery stores, as well as livestock and fisheries industry players, restaurants, tourism operators, and all other economic units. Through large-scale sales and promotion events, this opportunity is anticipated to restore the retail consumption slowed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
In particular, the event will include a live commerce broadcasting sessionheld in collaboration with SM, CJ ENM, and other major K-pop producers, featuring popular influencers, ministers, local government leaders, etc. who will appear as show hosts. There will also be an untact K-pop live concert showcasing products of small and medium businesses, an attempt to develop a new type of live sales opportunity infused with K-pop. This event is planned to promote “K-sale,” a new model after the K-quarantine model.
Furthermore, Jung Dong-won, a singing sensation who featured in the popular TV show “Mr. Trot” was selected to appear in the digital campaign promotion video to encourage national participation. NCT Dream, a global Korean Wave celebrity, will also participate as ambassadors to produce Donghaeng Sale promotion videos and on-site events.
The government hosted the inter-ministry briefing on Korea Donghaeng Sale on Wednesday, June 17 (Briefer: Park Yeong-seon, Minister of SMEs and Startups), to explain the key elements of the event.
  •  Online and Offline Promotion Events
Online promotion events will be held on private shopping malls and Dongbanmall Platform to sell products by small and medium businesses
16 online retailers including Gmarket, Coupang, 11Street, etc. will host “Donghaeng Sale Online Promotion Events” and offer discountsof up to 30% to 40%. Also on Dongbanmall Platform, there will be discounts of up to 87%.
<Online Discount Information>
Items Sold
Maximum Discount Rate
Chestnut, apple, topokki, macaron, showerhead, heated eyepatch, etc.
Beverage, kudzu juice, shampoo, lotion, T-shirt, flower embroidery, etc.
Squid, small octopus, complex filter, cutting board, dryer, etc.
Craft-brewed makgeolli, organic aloe, 4 namul vegetables, cabbage kimchi, seaweed, etc.
Andong-style braised chicken, chive juice, pajamas, hair loss shampoo, sunglasses, perfume, etc.
CJ Mall
Milk, Yeongdeok king crab, bookstand, kitchen floor mat, multipurpose charger, toothpaste, etc.
Asian pear juice, abalone, handmade moon pie, cloth mask, small octopus, radish kimchi, etc.
Live commerce programs featuring influencers will be held in open studios of local event locations, promotional booths, and traditional markets. Dongbanmall Platform and private e-commerce platforms will provide approximately 30% discounts.
Offline platforms including traditional markets, massive retailers, and manufacturers will provide discounts as well.
633 traditional markets and arcades will provide 20% payback credits (maximum of KRW40,000) in Onnuri Gift Certificate.
To boost sales of 550,000 Zero Pay-affiliated merchants, Zero Pay reward (refund) event will also be held. Customers who pay more than KRW5,000 with Zero Pay will be refunded 5% of the payment amount, up to KRW50,000 per person.
5,000 local grocery stores will provide 8 items including onions, potatoes, and cucumbers at 80-90% of wholesale prices to supermarket union. 20 manufactured goods will be sold with 20-50% discounted price from the original price.
Department stores will host off-season events for major brand products and public shoes exhibition. They will also provide special discounts for the latest fashion and accessory items, as well as high-end cosmetic products.
Supermarketswill provide discounts of grocery items, fresh produce, meats, seafood, and lifestyle products.
<Sales Events by major Supermarket Brands>
Lotte Mart
- Coupon book (maximum value of KRW47,000) provided for the customers purchasing of KRW30,000 or more
GS The Fresh
- At most 50% discount for fresh farm product including onions, squid, peaches, and plums
NonghyupHanaro Retail
- Fresh farm product including garlics and green onions (at most 30% discount)
- HMRs, lifestyle products, etc. (at most 50% discount)
* Only 800 branches will conduct integrated promotion events
The electronics industry will host promotion forbest-selling products and giveaway events. Automobile manufacturers are planning to offer the special discountfor their major models.
The fashion industry will also host Korea Fashion Market (June 26-28) to provide discount on the apparels selling at major department stores and online shopping malls.
Meat and seafood producers will be selling eggs and duck products on site through local groups. For the products popular during summer (sea eel, etc.), discount events will be held through large grocery stores (June 18-July 8).
The restaurant industry will host “Korea Gourmet Day” (with 250 businesses) to provide discounts on Korean restaurants (20% or more), and “Food Festa” (June 17-September 17) to revitalize the dining industry.
 * Promoting local restaurants by providing gifts to thefine social media reviews on visited restaurants
In addition, “Special Travel Week” (July 1-19) will be put in place, involving special transit card* for the event and themed tour programs.
 * (KTX) 2-person ticket for 4 one-way rides sold for KRW140,000; (Express Bus) 4-day unlimited pass sold for KRW40,000 (excluding weekend rides)
* Key discount events --><Reference 1>
  • Special Untact Events
Considering COVID-19 circumstances, there’ll be tryout for untact sales promotion including K-pop concert with SM for product placement of small businesses and live commerce platform.
From July 1 to July 3, special untact events will be live-streamed from Sungnyemun Gate and Olympic Gymnastic Stadium (KSPO Dome).
The special live untact events will connect the viewers to untact studios in Namdaemun Market that represents small businesses, Sungnyemun area, and Olympic Gymnastics Stadium to provide footages of live commerce programming, K-pop performances, and public participation ceremonies.
Furthermore, interactive walls will be used to declare the opening of the untact events, and AR technology will be used to stream untact K-pop performances. Viewers can watch the events and performances via Naver VLIVE or by tuning in to MBC.
Government officials including the Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy and the Minister of Oceans and Fisheries, as well as celebrities, will participate as hosts of live commerce shows.
To promote consumption in traditional markets, the Minister of SMEs and Startups will produce a program about shopping in Namdaemun Market (near Sungnyemun Gate) with SM Esteem officials.
* Special untact event plans --><Reference 2>
Local On-site Events
On-site events will begin in Busan and Daegu from June 26 to June 28, and held in Jeonbuk, Chungbuk, Gyeongnam, and Seoul sequentially until July 12.
<Schedule and Locations by Region (Plan)>
Session 1
June 26 (Fri.)-28 (Sun.)
Session 2
July 3 (Fri.)-5 (Sun.)
Session 3
July 10 (Fri.)-12(Sun.)
Jeonbuk (Jeonju)
Chungbuk (Cheongju)
Gyeongnam (Changwon)
Exhibition Hall 1
Hanok Village
Urban Regeneration
Hub Center
Convention Center
Coex East Gate Square
In each region, O2O sales booth* for the products made by small and medium businesses will be operated in addition to various on-site promotion events. Local government events including Brand Festa (Busan) will be connected as well to provide visual and other entertainment elements.
 * Customers can scan the QR codes of products exhibited and promoted on-site to make immediate      
  purchases online
Event organizers will place hand sanitizer stations on site and regularly sanitize the sites to prevent diseases thoroughly.
In particular, the Seoul Coex event will be hosted in collaboration with CJ ENM, providing trendy K-pop contents presented by K-beauty and other influencers. From July 10 to 12, various platforms will be used to feature products by small and medium businesses in Korea.
Celebrities, fans, merchants, consumers, and citizens can connect to these events online and offline to enjoy the interactive communication in which they can “buy together and enjoy together.”
Since offline events such as mini K-pop concerts will be held simultaneously, the organizers will strictly comply with disease prevention guidelines.
The special event studio in Sungnyemun Gate and the event location in Coex will feature various LED lights inspired by butterflies to light up the night in Seoul.
Sungnyemun Gate and Coex event locations will also feature media façade equipment to attract visual attention. The streetlamps near the event locations will feature lighting objets** using cool white and blue LED neon-flex* to enhance the promotion effects.
 *Neon-flex: Unlike neon signs made from glass, the device is made with silicon to provide high luminance lights and enable easy bending to be installed in differently shaped places
** Lighting objet: Lighting devices used in everyday life are used to create artwork
<Sungnyemun Gate Landscape Lighting and Media Images>
<Lighting in Seoul Coex>
* Seoul Coex event plan --><Reference 3>
Digital Campaign Videos
In order to maximizepublic attention on “Korea Donghaeng Sale” and ensure the success of the event, “Trot Prince”Jung Dong-won from popular TV show “Mr. Trot” will be participating.
The lyrics of Jung Dong-won's song “Be Good to Your Parents” was rewritten to “Donghaeng,” andit was featured in the promotional video for “Korea Donghaeng Sale.”
In the promotion video, Jung Dong-won delivers the event message, “Tomorrow Created by the Fluttering of Our Wings” in the digital campaign song.
“Donghaeng” video by Jung Dong-won will be promoted throughout Korea Donghaeng Sale website (, YouTube, and social media channels.
“SNS TikTok Challenge (Donghaeng Butterfly Challenge)” with Jung Dong-won will also take place.
“Donghaeng Butterfly Challenge” will be held on TikTok (mobile app), with participants doing the “Butterfly Dance” (which represents Korea Donghang Sale’s main logo image)to Jung Dong-won's song “Donghaeng,” and uploading the video onto TikTok.
  * TikTok: Video production and sharing mobile app (launched 2016, most downloaded app of 2018)
The Korean government's “Cheer Up Korea” challenge to overcome the COVID-19 crisis was favorably received this past March.
  * Past TikTok challenges: “COVID-19 Prevention Challenge” (Jan. 2020, more than 42 million views), “Cheer Up Korea Challenge” (Mar. 2020, more than 30 million views)
Reference 1
Information on Major Discount Events
Traditional Markets/
Small Businesses
Onnuri Gift Certificate
Payback Event
‣ 633 traditional markets and shopping districts provide 20% payback ofsame-daypurchases withOnnuri Certificate (up to KRW40,000)
 * KRW10,000 for purchases KRW50,000-100,000; KRW20,000 for purchases KRW100,000-150,000; KRW30,000 for purchases KRW150,000-200,000; KRW40,000 for purchases KRW200,000 or more
Zero Pay Payment
Reward (Refund) Event
‣ 550,000 Zero Payaffiliated stores provide 5% refunds for Zero Pay purchases of KRW5,000 or more
 * Up to KRW50,000 depending on the stores (total budget of refunds provided: KRW500 million)
Local Grocery Store Discounts
‣8 types of fresh produce including potatoes, onions, watermelons, and cucumbers will be supplied to local grocery stores at 80-90% of wholesale prices
‣  20 types of manufactured goods including coffee, beverage, noodles, and beer will discounted by 20-50% compared to retail price
‣  Gifts including cool fans will be provided to 1,000 customers actively participating in events including My Favorite Store Promotion
Small Business Cooperatives
‣ “How Much Have You Sold? Season 2 (We Make Price)” will be hosted (June 29), in which popular influencers will sell high quality products of cooperatives via live streaming
‣ Products of 85 cooperatives on We Make Price platform will provide double discount rates (15% à30%, June 26-July 12)
 Special Online Event and Live Commerce
‣ Special online product sale event for small and mediumsized
‣ Shipping fee discount, special discounts (up to 87%), and limited time offer (limited to 100 items) on Dongbanmall Platform
‣ Various discount promotions (up to 30-40% discounts) on private online retailers (16 channels including 11Street and Gmarket)
‣10% discount for 1,153 items in 8 online traditional market malls and 20% discounts on 100 young merchant products on 11Street
‣ Online pork discount event (June 26-July 12, Handon Mall)
‣ Special fresh produce sale event via online open markets
‣Coupang, 11Street (June) àGmarket, Auction (July) àTmon, We Make Price, Interpark (August)
‣ Fresh produce sale programming on GongYoung Shopping, Home & Shopping, GS Home Shopping (75 slots, June-September)
‣ Discount coupons (approx. 30%) and gifts (Onnuri Gift Certificate, etc.) for customers who make purchases through live commerce shows*, as well as other events
 * Will be hosted through Dongbanmall Platform (Small and Medium Business Distribution Center) and private platforms (Naver TV, Tmon, etc.)
Large Industries
Department Stores
‣Out-of-season discounts for major brands, as well as special discounts for shoes promotion events, hotel/home vacation events, latest fashion and accessory products, and high-end cosmetic products
‣Local product discount events for groceries, fresh produce, meats, seafood, and lifestyle products; promotional events for PB products and good products by small and medium sized businesses; discounts at prices from 15 years ago
Home Electronics
‣ Special discounts for popular items, gift events, maximum discount events for online mall, special business client events for small businesses
‣ Special discounts, customer participating events, gift events, and special promotions for major models
‣Korea Fashion Market (June 26-28) to provide special products and discounts in major department stores and online shopping malls
 Meat & Poultry Industry
‣ Booths in Korea Donghaeng Sale Seoul event location
 - On-site sales by local egg and duck product groups, promotional materials
 Seafood Industry
‣ Discount events in collaboration with major supermarkets to sell items that are doing poorly in the export market but has high domestic demand during the summer season (sea eel, etc.)
Dining Out, Travel
Dining Out
‣Discounts with 250 Korean cuisine restaurants in 5 regions (20% discount or more for key menu items) in “Korea Gourmet” event
 - Seoul (July 3-July 16) à Busan, Daejeon (July 10-July 23) à Gwangju, Daegu (July 17-July 30)
‣Online dining out promotion event “Food Festa” (June 17-September 17)
 - Introduce local restaurants to consumers, and provide fresh produce and local gift certificates to participants who uploads good reviews
‣ Special Travel Week 2020 (July 1-July 19)
 - (Safe Travel Campaign) Safe travel guides for various travel destinations; safety inspection and improvement measures for tourism facilities and businesses nationwide
 - (Major Benefits) Transit pass for trains, express buses, ferry      
  boats, and shared mobility services
‣ 4 one-way KTX trip passes (passes for 10,000 passengers available; KRW140,000 for 2 passengers, KRW210,000 for 3 passengers)
‣ 4-day unlimited express bus passes (not including weekends; passes for 10,000 passengers available; KRW40,000 per pass)
‣ 50% (weekdays) and 20% (weekends) discount tickets for ferry boats (KRW4,900 for 2 tickets)
‣ New SoCar “Light Pass” subscriptions during Travel Week comes with free first month credits
 - Theme-focused tour programs, discounts for tours and accommodations, promotion support for the tourism industry, online events, etc.
* Various companies are also planning promotional events
Reference 2
 Special Untact Event (Plan)
◦ (Dates) July 1 (Wed.)-3 (Fri.), 2020
   * Main Event: Live broadcasting 19:00-20:00, July 2(Thu.) on MBC (1 hour);
18:00-20:00 on Naver VLIVE (2 hours)
◦ (Locations) Sungnyemun Gate Square, Olympic Gymnastics Stadium (KSPO Dome)
◦ (Concept) Untact live interactive event
□ (Key Programs) (1) Sungnyemun announcement ceremony, (2) K-pop concert, (3) Live commerce show
July 1
July 2 (Main Event)
July 3
(KSPO Dome)
∘Live commerce day 1
∘Live commerce day 2
∘Untact K-popconcert
∘Live commerce day 3
Sungnyemun Gate
∘Sungnyemun Gate
Live Commerce Show
∘Naver Selective
  Platform, etc.
∘Naver Selective
  Platform, etc.
∘Naver Selective
  Platform, etc.
Live Broadcasting Platforms
∘Dongbanmall TV
∘Ministry of SMEs and
  Startups YouTube
∘Naver VLIVE
∘Dongbanmall TV
∘Ministry of SMEs and
  Startups YouTube
∘Dongbanmall TV
∘Ministry of SMEs and
  Startups YouTube
∘Arirang TV, KTV

□ Sample Plans


Reference 3
 Seoul Coex Event (Plan)
□ Overview
◦ (Dates) July 10 (Fri.)-12 (Sat.), 2020
◦ (Location) Coex East Gate Square
◦ (Concept) Untact online-offline combination event with Brand K
□ (Key Programs) Filming of “Get It Beauty” and “Free Market 10,” K-pop concert, on-site live show with influencers, Brand K certificate ceremony, sale and promotion booths for local small and medium sized businesses
 * Featured celebrities (musicians and influencers) are currently under negotiation
   * Platforms: Dongbanmall TV, TVING, M2, Dia Channel, tvN Asia, influencer channels,
Samseong-dong outdoor media platforms, Olive Young Live (DOOH)


(Olive) “Free Market 10”
(On Style) “Get It Beauty”
K-pop Concerts
∘Mini concert and finale concert (*musicians under negotiation)
∘Live stage programs (Great Library, Yumdaeng, Misun: Impossible (Park Mi-sun)) |   
  (*subject to change)
∘Activity programs (Calary Girl, Quaddurup, Yoonjjukku) (*subject to change)
∘Brand K certification ceremony and promotion booths
∘Local small and medium sized business sale and promotion booths
□ Space Configuration (Plan)