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Korean Non Face-to-Face Sales Event "Korea Donghaeng Sale" to be Held from June 26

Ministry of SMEs and Startups
□ Untact consumption promotion events held via mobile shopping platforms, live commerce, etc.

□ Event will be carried out with extra precautions based on ‘Korea Donghaeng Sale Safety Guide’
The "Korea Donghaeng Sale", big sale campaign for economic recovery, will be held from this upcoming June 26 to July 12 as one of the goals to carry forward the economic policy direction for the second half of the year and overcome the COVID-19 pandemic as well as stimulate consumption.
The Ministry of SMEs and Startups (Minister Park Young-sun, hereinafter referred to as “MSS”) held a progress meeting of “Korea Donghaeng Sale” on June 11 led by Vice Minister Kang Sung-cheon. Together with related ministries and local governments, the main objectives and progress of the upcoming event were discussed and announced.
The event aims to create a nationwide consumption boost through collaborative events, large-scale discount events, online and offline sales promotions, promotion of dining out and travel, etc. with diverse participants such as traditional markets, small businesses, large-scale distributors, and manufacturers.
In particular, it will be carried out as a new type of ‘untact (Non face-to-face)’ consumption promotion event through mobile shopping platforms, live commerce (a combination of live streaming and e-commerce), etc. considering the current situation of the ongoing protection measures against COVID-19.
Furthermore, there are plans to support and bring about market revitalization through on-site events in 6 areas of the nation including Daegu, Seoul, etc. areas which were comparatively more affected by the pandemic. There will be extra precautions and thorough preventive measures in order to execute the event safely. Disinfection and sterilization guidelines will be established and promoted, support for personal hygiene and cleaning of facilities, etc.
The main contents are as follows.
① Untact promotion events
Untact promotion events will mainly focus on products of small and medium-sized businesses and be held through various online platforms such as privately-owned shopping malls, Dongban-mall platform, live commerce, etc.
Korea Donghaeng Sale will also be promoted across 16 online retailers including Gmarket, Coupang, 11Street, etc. where customers can enjoy discounts of up to 30 to 40 percent. Also on Dongban-mall platform, there will be discounts of up to 87 percent as well as a limited time offer* for one type of item per day (limited to 100 items per day)
*99 items offered at 99 percent discount, 1 additional complimentary gift for the 99th customer
Live commerce in collaboration with popular influencers will take place at open studios inside event venues of each regions, as well as booths and traditional markets. Also, an average of 30 percent discount sales promotions will take place on Dongban-mall platform and privately-owned platforms.
② On-site events and special events
On-site events will start in Busan from June 26 to June 28 and be held consecutively in Daegu, Jeonbuk, Chungbuk, Gyeongnam and Seoul until July 12.
There will be a lot to see and enjoy at the events. O2O (online-to-offline) sales booths with products of small and medium-sized businesses will be operated together with various on-site promotion events, and there will be fun collaborations with local festivals such as Brand Festa and mini KCON.
Additionally in Seoul, an untact special event – highlight of Korea Donghaeng Sale – will take place in early July.
The special event venue and untact studio will be broadcasted live simultaneously and various programs will be arranged such as live commerce, K-pop concerts, ceremonies involving public participation, etc.
③ Offline promotion events
Promotion events will be carried out across 633 traditional markets located throughout the nation, along with giveaway events at various shopping districts, cultural performances, grocery shopping experiences, etc. Also, customers can receive a 20 percent payback of their total same-day purchases (maximum of 40,000 won) with Onnuri gift certificates.
What’s more, a payment rewards (refund) event will be held with the objective to increase sales of more than 550,000 Zero Pay affiliated stores. On purchases over 5,000 won made with Zero Pay, 5 percent of the paid amount will be refunded (maximum of 50,000 won per person, per payment type). The total budget of refunds is equivalent to 500 million won.
Discount events of large-scale distribution and manufacturing companies will also take place.
Department stores and supermarkets plan to hold end-of-season events of major brands as well as special discount promotions, and also carry out sales of food products, agricultural and fishery products, daily necessities, etc. together with its partners to revive the economy.
*(A Department Store) Use of apps 5 percent all brands, credit card partnership 5 percent appreciation event, etc.
*(B Supermarket) Sales up to 50 percent on popular items, up to 40 percent on camping and swimming equipment
Brands in the home appliance industry plan to affiliate with the rebate program and provide customers additional discounts – when purchasing electronics with high energy efficiency ratings, customers can receive 10 percent refunds (maximum of 300,000 won) of the total purchase price. The auto industry will also offer special discounts (estimated at 3 to 10 percent, final figures to be fixed) for major car models.
In addition, in order to safely carry out the events, the “Korea Donghaeng Sale Safety Guide” will be distributed based on the “distancing in daily life”; individual and collective protection measure guidelines. Event venues and participating businesses will be asked to keep hand sanitizers nearby, regularly perform disinfection and sterilization procedures, etc. Especially during marketing events with old traditional markets, thorough disinfection procedures will be provided.
Meanwhile, MSS created the main logo image of Korea Donghaeng Sale (distributed on June 11) and plans to run a website ( that provides comprehensive information on discounts of different industries, special sales promotions, promotions on dining out and travel, etc. (Provisional for 6.19~)
*Main logo image of Korea Donghaeng Sale
žMeaning: The small fluttering of my wings (consumption) can breathe in life to our economy and create a better tomorrow (Butterfly Effect) EMB00000700bbd7
Lastly, widespread promotion of Korea Donghaeng Sale will take place by using the 236 outdoor electronic display boards installed throughout 56 traditional markets and shopping centers across the country along with electronic display boards located in Seoul Station.