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Subject To Reduce the Cost Burden of Performance Certification and Increase Service Quality for Technology Products Developed by SMEs
Division Domestic Market Policy Division Date 2018.12.20
Writer Deputy Director GyuHo Shin
Headline The Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) and four testing institutions signed an agreement to strengthen sales support and help receive performance certification for technology products developed by SMEs.
The MSS signed a “memorandum of understanding on strengthening sales support and promoting performance certification for technology products developed by SMEs” with four testing and research institutes that conduct performance tests at the Korea Federation of SMEs in Seoul at 10 a.m. on December 4 (Tuesday).

The government has recently actively implemented policies to support SMEs to secure initial markets for their innovative products, such as a “trial purchase system of newly developed technology products,” and a “measure to increase public procurement of innovative products.” In line with this, the ministry is taking measures to minimize SMEs’ difficulties related to performance certification of their technology products such as cost and time burdens and strengthen certification service and technical support.

The MSS designated 16 SME innovative products that are patented products or certified products as new excellent technology (NET) or new excellent product (NEP) as “preferred technology products for public procurement” to help secure markets in the early stage. The “preferred technology products for public procurement,” which refer to the products whose innovative and growth potentials were acknowledged by MSS, can be purchased by public institutions through private contracts regardless of prices.

Under this agreement,

 ㅇ As of January 1 of next year, the test research institutes will lower performance certification fees by 20% or 25%.

 ㅇ An internal department to support sales and technology will be established, which will provide certification service and address difficulties.

 ㅇ In cooperation with the Korea Association of University, Research Institute and Industry (AURI), the “trial purchase system of newly developed technology products” and ”performance certification service“ will be actively promoted.

Cho Bong-hwan, Head of the SME Policy Office, noted, “We have continued to increase the purchasing scope of SME products through the public procurement service, but there was still room for improvement for innovative product commercialization.”

 He added, “With this agreement, we will actively help SMEs that have brilliant ideas and technological prowess successfully pioneer markets in the early stage.”
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