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Subject Notice of pilot purchase plan for technological products
Division Domestic Market Policy Division Date 2018.08.16
Read 2483 Writer Deputy Director Kisam Kang
Headline MSS publicized the pilot plan of buying technological products in the second half of 2018 on Aug. 16th, 2018.
MSS publicized the pilot plan of buying technological products in the second half of 2018 and started receiving the application for SMEs on Aug. 16th, 2018. The pilot program was designed to relieve the burden of audits in the process of buying technological products and encourage the purchase by public institutions. MSS and six public institutions enacted the program by establishing a MOU on product purchase worth around KW43 billion last April. Additional 20 public institutions expressed the intention to participate in this program, which resulted in the notification of this plan.

The result of pilot purchase in the first half of this year showed that the company qualificaitons for participating in this program were set too high. That is why any startup which holds a technolgy product certificate can apply for the pilot purchase without other conditions attached. Furthermore, the program was improved in a way that if startups and first-timers in the public procurement market have lesser experience of supplying their products, they have higher probability of being selected.

A senior officer of MSS said that MSS plans to continuously expand the pilot purchase of technological products to support innovative growth of SMEs and provide early stage support for startups. In particular, MSS will push for establishing the legal basis of the program, creating a cooperative network with public institutions as well as improving the operational method and strengthening promotional activities.

The application for the pilot program can be received at from Aug 16 to Sep 14, 2018.
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