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Technology Innovation

Technology Innovation

Fostering SMEs to succeed with creative and innovative technologies

Enhancing the capacity of SMEs for technological innovation
MSS is carrying out a program to develop technologically innovative SMEs as part of its representative R&D program of promoting first-mover and creative investment in promising technologies to enhance the key capacity of SMEs that are playing a key role in the Korean economy. Furthermore, it is working to intensively foster SMEs in the fields of green growth as well as cutting-edge fusion and convergence technologies that are rising as the main new growth engines in addition to manufacturing-based root industries, to respond to the rapidly changing global technology environment. In addition, MSS is expanding the technological development base of start-ups at their initial stage and their creation of high added value through ICT convergence in tandem with the government’s agenda to create a creative economy. As such, MSS is working hard so that globally competitive small enterprises will grow through policies tailored to each stage of their growth and innovative capacity.

Discovering and fostering innovative SMEs
SMEs are the key factor of the Korean economy, enhancing the technological capacity by strengthening the national competitiveness and in flexibly responding to global technological changes within the rapidly changing global economic paradigm. As such, MSS has established plans to discover and foster technologically innovative SMEs since 2001 to discover technologically innovative SMEs and comprehensively link diverse support projects so that they will consolidate global competitiveness. Since 2006, MSS has discovered and fostered SMEs with business innovation to strengthen their capacity to innovate not only their technology, but also their marketing and customer services. Providing the infrastructure for stable technological development

Supporting technological development through industry-academia-research institute cooperation and their joint use of research equipment
MSS is supporting the establishment of corporate research centers through industry-academia-research institute cooperation so that they are able to develop together the necessary technologies by using the cutting-edge research equipment and manpower of universities and public research institutes, mainly targeting SMEs with difficulties establishing an independent corporate research centers as well as weak technological capacity. Furthermore, MSS is offering free use of expensive testing and research equipment possessed by regional MSS administrations to solve difficulties that regional SMEs had facing issues of testing equipment scarcity. In addition, the administration has supplemented the R&D equipment at its Digital Design Innovation Support Centers and Test Product Manufacturing Support Centers to enhance manufacturing capability and design development of test products and support the technological innovation of regional SMEs.

Supporting the protection of SME technologies
MSS supports expert consulting in each field (security, laws, etc.) to protect key technologies held by SMEs and prevent their unauthorized dissemination. It manages a technology deposit system to guarantee the stable use of technologies between transacting enterprises and the safe storing of technological data. In addition, it built and manages the SME Technology Protection Center to prevent and respond to technological infringement from external cyber-attacks and DDOS (distributed denial of service) through e-mail, among other electronic means. The administration also supports the building of technological and physical security solutions (network server security, CCTVs, and entry and exit management systems, etc.) appropriate for the security environment of each individual enterprise.