Leading ideas and technology to start-ups

Fostering technology and knowledge-based start-ups and inspiring entrepreneurship
The MSS of the Republic of Korea manages a camp promoting positive minds about start-up businesses and a program called BizCool targeting elementary, middle, and high school students to promote positive thinking on start-ups among children and youth. MSS also holds lectures regarding start-up businesses and supports clubs, academies and leagues at universities encouraging business startups to inspire college students as potential future entrepreneurs. Furthermore, MSS holds special lectures on entrepreneurship given by successful venture business CEOs and hosts nationally touring youth business administration debates to cultivate and spread entrepreneurship among youths. In addition, in order to effectively prepare new businesses for Korea's rapidly ageing society, MSS also manages a senior business plaza and senior start-up schools for those retiring. MSS has also designated six organizations, including the Korea Venture Business Association, for the reemployment of the retired.

Creating an environment to make pursuing start-ups easy and convenient and fostering one-person start-ups
MSS manages "Start-up Leading Universities" and "Start-up Academies for Youth" in each region, to promote technology-based start-ups by discovering excellent technology-based start-up entrepreneurs and enhancing their success rates. In addition, MSS manages test product manufacturing sites and start-up incubation centers to create an environment to make pursuing a start-up easy and convenient. Also MSS carries out the "Infinite Imagination-based People's Start-up Project (Idea Audition)" to promote start-ups for the commercialization of people's ideas in tandem with the era of a creative economy, a main agenda of the current administration. MSS also manages"Business Center for One Person Start-up Business" and "Smart Creation Center" to foster "one-person creative enterprises", and supports servicing enterprises that create high added value such as culture, green growth, and health.