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Feb. 9

The Small and Medium Business Administration(SMBA) officially opened with 6 bureaus, 17 divisions, and 11 regional offices (including 7 regional branch offices).

May. 24

According to the move toward small and efficient government, SMBA was reorganized. The function of testing and inspecting SMEs' products was dissolved in all regional offices of SMBA. The National Institute of Technology and Quality was transferred to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

Sep. 11

SMBA opened the Regional Office of Daegeon-Chungnam.

Jan. 14

In order to strengthen the policy function of facilitating SMEs innovation, headquarters of SMBA was restructured into 1 office, 4 bureaus - Office of Planning and Management, SME Policy Bureau, Startup & Venture Business Bureau, Business Growth Service Bureau, and Technology Assistance Bureau. In addition, Overseas Marketing Service Division was created in the Business Growth Service Bureau to promote the globalization of SMEs.

Jan. 17

Set up divisions dedicated to developing traditional markets; enhanced administrative innovation capabilities

Dec. 28

In order to strengthen the policy function of promoting Micro Enterprises and traditional markets, Micro Enterprise Policy Bureau was created.

May. 10

Introduced the team system to improve operational efficiency of the organization

Mar. 22

Adjusted the organization due to Increasing workload and function charges

Mar. 6

Enhanced customer-driven support for SMEs during government reorganization

May. 6

Enhanced capabilities to implement national tasks and point-of-contact functions

Mar. 7

Expanded the foundation to support SMEs outside the Seoul Capital Area, and enhanced other field-oriented support functions

May. 23

Took over the supervision function for the national technical high schools, and adjusted the allocation of functions among the bureaus

May. 23

Three meister high schools were transferred from the Ministry of Education and Science Technology to SMBA.

Mar. 23

SMBA starts to take charge of High Potential Enterprise policies which were transferred from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. High Potential Enterprise Bureau was created.

Feb. 29

Ulsan Regional Branch Office is changed into Ulsan Regional Office

Feb. 28

SMBA Established the International Cooperation Division, the Gyeongbuk Northern Regional Office, the Jeonnam Eastern Regional Office, and the Gangwon-Yeongdong Regional Office.

Jul. 26

Small and Medium Business Administration was reorganized and expanded into the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.